• Liberal Ecology Group Leaflet (greenlbdems.org.uk)
    Article: Feb 22, 2018


    An introduction to the Liberal Ecology Group

    A Manifesto from LEG :

    • Ecology and Economics = Ecology + Economics + Growth + The stable society + A change of direction
    • Resource use and pollution = Why conserve? + Which resources need to be conserved? + Resource accounting + Pollution + Policies
    • Energy = Future Sources of Energy + Reduction of waste + Nuclear Power + North Sea Oil and Gas + Policies
    • Employment and industry = Introduction + Industry + Future Problems + Policies + Employment
    • Population and land use = Population + The uses of land + Planning + Policies
    • Agriculture and Rural Communities = Introduction + Agriculture and Oil + Agriculture and the land + Rural Communities + Policies
    • The Third World = Introduction + The Changing World + International trade + A New International Economic Order + The Law of the Sea + Policies
    • Transport = Introduction + The Need for Transport + Public Transport + Accountability and Flexibility + Environmental Effects + Policies
    • Health and Education = Introduction + Health + Health Policies + Education + Educational Policies
    • Government = Introduction + Government in a Stable Society + Political change + Policies
  • Article: Feb 22, 2018

    Immigration figures announced today show that 47,000 fewer EU nationals came to live in the UK, and that 28,000 EU nationals departed our shores, between the period of September 2016 to September 2017.

    This continued chaos and confusion over Brexit coming from the Government is damaging our economy and our communities.

  • The union flag flying next to the EU flag.
    Article: Feb 21, 2018

    It is bizarre that the government was so hasty in its invocation of Article 50, but is now scrambling for extra time in transition due to the scale of the task ahead.

    The government is arbitrarily pushing for us to leave the EU on 29 March 2019, at which point it follows that the UK will no longer have a veto over new EU legislation.

  • Article: Feb 20, 2018

    Oxford Parkway

    Image caption - photo of Oxford Parkway station's accessible parking spaces.

    A tweet by journalist Isabel Oakeshott taking aim at the number of disabled parking spaces at a train station has sparked anger on social media. She posted the picture of empty blue badge bays at Oxford Parkway along with the message "a triumph of political correctness over common sense".

  • Article: Feb 20, 2018

    A campaigner calling for improvements to disabled toilets has handed in a petition to the prime minister. Lorna Fillingham from Scunthorpe wants more toilets where disabled children and adults can be changed by their parents and carers.

    Ms Fillingham, whose seven-year-old daughter has learning disabilities, set up the Changing Places petition which attracted more than 51,000 signatures.

  • Article: Feb 20, 2018

    A disability group is calling for a pause in the campaign to ban plastic straws. The One in Five group wants MSP Kate Forbes to halt her Final Straw campaign temporarily while concerns are addressed for disabled people. It says paper, plant-based and metal alternatives are not always suitable and could even prove dangerous. The group wants the campaign to have disability advice in place for companies looking to replace plastic.

  • Article: Feb 20, 2018

    Last year, Kelly Knox became one of the first disabled models to feature at London Fashion Week. Together with BBC Radio 5 live, here Kelly investigates why people with disabilities find it so hard to make it in the fashion industry...

    Presentational grey line

    I was born without my left forearm. All my life I've known that my body may be 'missing' a bit, but my soul is whole, all-powerful and limitless.

  • Article: Feb 20, 2018

    Thousands of people with mental health issues are trapped in a spiral of escalating debts, a charity says. The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute said that in 2017, some 23,000 people were being pursued while in hospital for mental health problems. Thousands more were in a similar position while receiving mental health crisis support in the community.

  • Article: Feb 20, 2018

    Charities have expressed concern after the government announced a new review of the potential bill facing social care providers for historic underpayment of staff. Providers have been urging the government to rethink enforcement action over back-pay for sleep-in shift workers, which the sector estimates could cost it up tp £400m and bankrupt many providers, for the past year, arguing that the government changed its National Minimum Wage (NMW) guidance in October 2016.

  • Article: Feb 20, 2018

    A hard Brexit will damage this thriving and flourishing industry. A recent study from the Creative Industries Federation (CIF) fears that restriction of freedom of movement may deter high-quality talent, hurting the UK economy overall. Additionally, the British Retail Consortium have estimated that around 10,200 EU nationals were employed in UK retail, with the UK Fashion and Textile Association stating that 70% of all London fashion factory workers are from the EU. Towards the end of last year, a survey revealed that 56% of all EU retail workers are worried about their ability to reside in the UK in the future.