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Cry from a BNO Passport holder

November 15, 2021 8:00 AM
By Anon*
Originally published by Chinese Liberal Democrats

"Hong Kong now faces unprecedented and fundamental crisis since its establishment as a free trade port. The worst event which had taken place was the Japanese occupation. The Japanese turned this once flourishing, special and vibrant place into an abyss. The Operation Armour, which directs all life-saving materials for the post-war Hong Kong, was based on a mutual trust and support and a special bond traversing blood and racial differences. It is no exaggeration that the people of Hong Kong owes something to Her Majesty. After delving into the history of WWII Hong Kong, I can say it fundamentally changed my view and I am feeling I have some special duty as one of the British Nationals.

The city now cannot imagine its future when the Chinese government really betrayed the Joint Declaration and shows no remorse. I feel the Chinese have hatred and revenge for the people of Hong Kong. The reason, in my opinion, is from the history. The Japanese invaded Hong Kong and took the resources. They looked down on the people of Hong Kong but the Japanese did not have hatred for us. The Chinese, however, is indoctrinated with xenophobia by the Chinese government. The Chinese government is directed with the goal of annihilating capitalism and human nature. The Cultural Revolution is no different from the Massacre in communist Cambodia. We, as the British in Hong Kong, may face the fate of the Jews in the WWII, if Xi Jinping would go to the extreme. The destruction of spirit, and social order collapses.

Hong Kong people are British, not because they hold the passport, but because we share common values with the British with the happenstance that Captain Charles Elliot decided to establish commercial connection with Cathay. Hong Kong becomes a pioneer of the development of post-colonial South Asia and the forefront guarding against the growth of totalitarianism of the Chinese. The real people of Hongkong, 手足, are really the only hope and sprinkle of flare, we should protect them even if we sacrifice our lives. They can definitely lead Asia and the World to the new and civil World order, which is pioneering on solving racial problems and complex issues as developed countries. It needs a mature mind. But I agree that China would bury itself under such horrible environment and most of the Hongkongers will suffer and die if the war between China and US becomes true.

I hope my voice will be heard."

*The author's identity is kept anonymous in view of the ambiguity and long arm of the National Securities law.

Editor: The views expressed are those of the author and not of CLDs nor of the Liberal Democrats. However we believe it is important for people in HK to have a channel for their voices to be heard. Please feel free to email info@chineselibdems.org.uk if you are affected by this blog or would like to tell your story as well.

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