Sign our Clean Air Petition - turn Dudley Borough into a Low Emission Zone

Clean Air

The glass quarter and Amblecote Roads are too often blocked with stationary traffic, including cars and vans with older diesel technology pouring out noxious exhaust fumes which put people's health at risk.

"Clean Air should be a right for all residents", says local campaigner Ian Flynn. We want Dudley Council to make our area a LOCAL LOW EMISSION ZONE.

Air quality blackspots include High Streets up to Wordsley and beyond; the Thorns Road with drivers going to Merry Hill; and Amblecote Road, Brettle Lane and Collis Street are all places where we think too many residents are at risk from poor air quality.

We want Dudley to fight, with its West Midlands regional partners and national government, to get this into place, and Liberal Democrats will take on this challenge. We will be launching our CRYSTAL CLEAN AIR CAMPAIGN.

I/We the undersigned call on the Government and Dudley Council to take action to improve our air quality, by turning Dudley Borough into a low emission zone.

Thank you for your interest but we are no longer running this campaign.